Republic Services

Republic Services, Inc. is one of the largest waste management and recycling companies in the United States. A publicly traded Fortune 500 organization, Republic has been around for the better part of a century. Through mergers and acquisitions, they amassed a series of partner companies operating under a myriad of brands. It was time to unify under one cohesive identity.

The Lavidge Company had been working with Republic on national ad direction and

logo refinement when they reached out to Monomyth. Lavidge brought us on in partnership to take the refreshed Republic logo and expand it into an entire brand language. This culminated in a 60+ page brand guidebook, which details all aspects of creative application, including proper color and font usage, brand rhetoric, identity system design, and much more.

We thoroughly enjoyed partnering with the Lavidge Company on this project. Our teams pooled resources and expertise to build an intricate and extensive brand. Monomyth provided a fresh perspective on a long-running project, as well as a meticulous attention to detail.

As a waste management company primarily catering to businesses, the Republic corporate brand needed to embody cleanliness and efficiency for their clientele. Much of the new brand materials would be modified by local branch art departments and printed at different vendors, so simplicity and ease of access had to be taken into account. A simple and strong hierarchy for type, color and imagery was developed. We used bright colors and thin type on large areas of white space to clearly communicate what Republic is all about – a simple and easy solution for

keeping your building clean and environmentally conscious.

While greater creative freedom could be applied to national ad campaigns, a firmer approach was necessary to unify the multitude of local branches coming under the Republic corporate umbrella. Stringent use rules were established for the Republic logo to maintain its integrity. All typography was limited to Open Sans, a free Google font selected for its legibility, and ease of accessibility and distribution.