Monster Scout

At Monomyth, we strive to make time for personal projects as a way to grow ourselves. For our 2014 project, we decided to produce an iOS app. The concept needed to be clear, showcase our design skill sets, and have a positive impact on the world. With this framework, we created Monster Scout.

Monster Scout is a simple and fun children’s game designed to make monsters less scary. By visually redefining some traditionally terrifying creatures as bright and friendly, Monster Scout has helped kids conquer fears and have fun finding monsters everywhere!

Early sketches and exploration lead us to our final art direction, with the design of every individual creature beginning with a simple circle. Basic geometric shapes were then added or stripped away to create each unique monster. Approaching the designs this way gave all the monsters a cohesive look and a fun, kid-focused aesthetic.

The app grew and shrank in complexity over several iterations, settling on a clear and linear user experience that small children can follow and play with for hours. Minimal settings–locked behind a parental gate–allow parents to control which monsters appear, and how often (if ever).

As we got further into the project, we saw the potential for a more immersive experience – a way to really bring a child’s imagination to life. We produced “life-size” prints of the monsters and staged photo shoots in homes and outdoors to represent what would happen in a child’s mind when they used Monster Scout.

We also built an accompanying website and online shop filled with monster gear to help promote the app. The creatures can now be worn as badges of pride – via t-shirts, buttons, stickers and even as temporary tattoos.

We’re immensely pleased with how Monster Scout turned out. And we’ve received a fair amount of praise for it; we were featured in Apple’s “Best New” category for both Kids and Halloween. And Tattly loved our custom monster tattoos so much they did a spotlight of us on their blog.

We found that kids have been drawn to the monster designs far more than anticipated (they can’t get enough of them!). As a result, we are currently working on expanding the monster library and the app’s monster-catching capabilities.

In the meantime, head over to the monster shop to get your own Monster Scout gear!

And if you haven’t yet, download Monster Scout here from the App Store.