The Bloguettes is a nationally recognized educational resource for empowering online entrepreneurs. Prior to working with Monomyth, their brand already had a significant presence in their industry and on social media. As a result of their rapid growth, they were looking for a web presence and identity that was on par with their national reputation and the quality of service they offer.

The Bloguettes reached out to Monomyth with a vision for a massive new website that would not only embody their professionalism, but also express their bright and friendly personality. Because their brand was already established, we approached their identity with the goal of refining and expanding.

Their logo maintains it’s name-centric focus with an updated typographic treatment conveying a friendly, polished persona. We then developed and expanded the fundamentals of their existing identity into a full brand language, defining their use of typography, color, imagery and voice. Each brand representation is to be presented cleanly, with substantial white space accented by punches of bright color and clear messaging. Everything they do should invite and inspire participation.

The Bloguettes’ website is the foundation of their business, operating as the hub for their educational resources and the venue for developing nearly all customer relationships. The new website needed to quickly convey the breadth of their growing offerings, encourage participation, visually set them apart from competitors, and finally, send a clear message that this two-year-old startup is a force of social marketing.

The new site–essentially an extensive e-commerce portal and educational application–features a fully functioning event calendar, an in-house stock photography shop, memberships, forums, and a retail store.

We developed a fully custom event calendar. Unlike pre-made platforms like Eventbrite, this calendar application was built precisely to fit the Bloguettes’ needs, without having to make the concessions inherent in template solutions. The site allows for ticket purchasing for multiple types of events (3 day events, live webinars, happy hour RSVPs), with variables for memberships, first time buyers and group statuses.

The website they previously had functioned as a series of independent tools that didn’t allow for related sections to work together. We created a seamless, integrated site that communicates with itself, functioning as a whole. Blog posts are pulled in to relevant pages, you are invited to sign up for any of the workshops from the pages that call out to them, and their social media is brought up in the moments where you may want to learn more.

The Bloguettes website stands apart from its competition because of its focus on interaction. All pages are not just resourceful, but means of communication between the Bloguettes and their customers. The Bloguettes web presence is inviting, inclusive, and asks their community to hang out and get to know each other.