A&A Manufacturing

A&A Manufacturing is a company that develops industry-leading pool technologies. In recent years, pool cleaning has become incredibly technological, and A&A is a progressive leader in creating innovative and unique products. This industry has always had a difficult time communicating how these technologies benefit both the pool owner and the pool builder in a consistent way. We took this as an opportunity for A&A to be one step ahead of their industry in branding and messaging. 

We started from the ground up regarding A&A’s brand. We brought in a significant amount of latent knowledge of the industry and facilitated our normal research process, which is quite extensive. We put together a strategy for their brand their positioning as a consumer-friendly company.


We created a logo that features modern elements: an abstract A that is engaging and unlike the common logo tropes within the industry. The individual elements that make up the A also allude to their physical products. The dot is a cleaning jet, and the diagonal bar a stream of water spraying outward.

We decided to keep blue as an anchor color so they stay visually recognizable as a pool-industry company. However, we introduced a vibrant and expansive color palette to provide depth and individuality. We brought in colors that yield a staggering and energetic variety to their brand: rich purple, coral, and green. In their brochures and on their web, we used photography that gives A&A a unique and inviting look. Their images are diverse and representative of their clientele: real people. 

This type of company creates a unique branding challenge in that it’s a split consumer base: B2B and B2C all in one. They sell components, so their brand must appeal to pool builders, but ultimately A&A needs to be positioned in a way that a consumer would desire their products and what their brand represents. 

The manufacturing industry is generally focused on pool builders, with minor attempts to reach consumers, in a way that is inconsistent and lacking cohesion. Visually, pool companies tend to lean on similar tropes. Color palettes frequently rely on different shades of blue. Photography tends to consist of young, white families and bikinied women. Together, with A&A, we set about to address these issues of homogeny through better design, a unique color palette, and diverse photography and videography. 

It was important for us to work with A&A to turn extremely technical details into interesting and digestible consumer-friendly information. Instead of having to cram every detail of product information down the reader’s throat, we worked with the A&A team to take a more communicative approach. Together, we distilled product information into engaging content to help the consumer discover why the systems are exciting. This approach translates to both the content for the website and all of A&A’s brochures. If the customer is interested in the detailed technical information, they can access the manuals in the Parts & Support section of the website. The content positions A&A as a lifestyle brand: if your pool is built with these systems, your life as a pool owner will be relaxing, easy, and fun.

A&A’s new web experience creates a unique experience for the consumer. Through the web, users should be interested enough in A&A’s products that they access an authorized dealer that specifically builds pools with their systems. So, rather than drowning the consumer in technical details about individual products, we decided to focus on educating, exciting, and enabling the customer to decide about how they want their pool built. This is embodied in the Self Cleaning Pool page, which is not something any other manufacturer has ever done. The page explains how an A&A cleaning system will benefit your life as a pool owner. 

The website also uses a significant amount of animation to engage the user. It was designed to be incredibly interactive and feel alive to the user. Adding to that interactivity, we created multiple videos that encapsulate the intent of A&A’s brand while also educating the consumer about their products in a friendly, captivating way. 

A&A’s web is truly the first place for the consumer to meet A&A. It is a place to get a sense of A&A’s focus on safe, eco-friendly, and technologically advanced pool products. At the same time, it also communicates the benefits of A&A’s systems and the impact they have on the lives of their owners.