February 1, 2019

We Turned Five: And Here’s What We’ve Learned So Far.

Celebrating 5 Years As Monomyth Studio.

The end of 2018 marked a special time for our studio. We turned five.

Five years of client wins, successes and inevitable growing pains. Not to mention, plenty of shenanigans including a short-lived brand refresh, and our fearless leaders emceeing a local design conference, Method + Madness.

Our handful of years around the sun brought us projects big and small, an evolving team of talented people, and a journey in business that has proven to be more than worthwhile. While reflecting over our modest beginning, we uncovered valuable lessons about business and ourselves.


Picture it. Scottsdale, Arizona, 2010. Two strapping young professionals working together in a small studio. Working hard on client designs and learning the ropes of account management, Chip and Mike would soon realize their common desire to strike out on their own.

After some time, the pair planned, and assessed how they wanted to operate differently from the places they’ve worked, and what really matters in a client-to-studio relationship. It was this exploration that led Chip and Mike to the monomyth, the literary term for the hero’s journey. A common structure in storytelling where the hero embarks on a journey, overcomes obstacles, and returns changed or transformed.

This is where Monomyth Studio was born. As our clients embark on their brand journeys, our relationship and mission became clear. They’re the hero, we’re the help. Confident, knowledgeable, and invested guides who help our clients become the heroes of their narratives.


Over the past five years, we’ve worked with brands in Phoenix, across the nation, and beyond.

Our list of projects has ranged from craft coffee roasters, private schools, luxury rental companies, local mixed-use developments, children’s apps, and restaurant concepts. And we’re just getting started.

We’ve honed our process for creating strong brands, found new efficiencies both for our team and clients, and are looking to take these learnings to the next phase.

What We’ve Learned

Business shows you what you’re made of. While our founders and the rest of the team have learned to rely on each other, lean on our own support systems at home, and stay nimble to adjust to change, a few other pieces of wisdom have kept us going. We’re hopeful they’ll continue to guide us into the future, too.

Play nice.

Being a creative agency is the ultimate team sport. So whether you’re working in one now, or are thinking of starting something of your own, realize that you can’t do it all. As we focus on working well with others, both clients and fellow creatives, we’ve found a wealth of support not only in success but also in failure.

Stay humble, but be confident.

You can either check yourself or someone will do it for you. At the end of the day, we’re all fragile and flawed, and it’s ok to acknowledge that in our craft and working relationships. On the other side of the same coin, confidence is key to survival. Learning when to draw the line with client relationships helps you preserve your values, and grows your confidence.

Never stop.

Regardless of your failures or successes, keep pressing forward, always looking for ways to improve in your craft and grow personally. Those who stop progressing are the ones who quickly lose relevance and their effectiveness.