Chip Allison

Co-Founder + Strategic Director

Chip has a hybrid role at Monomyth, taking his education in business and marketing and combining it with his experience in the creative world. He is voracious for new technologies and effective marketing strategy. He’s the guy who puts in the extra hours, not because he has to, but because he genuinely enjoys it.

Chip and his wife Kay have three ridiculously adorable children. He used to drive a Mini Cooper, which, despite what Mike says, is totally a man’s car.

Mike Giles

Co-Founder + Creative Director

Mike is a Maryland-born designer, illustrator and problem solver. He is responsible for determining the best course of brand action for our clients. His obsessively analytical mind sifts through the noise to articulate the core of any project.

He likes sad songs and action movies, and believes pie and scotch are mankind’s greatest achievements.

Vince Gonzalez

Developer + Programming Mastermind

Vince turns our designs into code, transforming our visuals into interactive, functional websites. He recently actualized his childhood dream and is now a licensed pilot.

He’s an avid cycler and recycler. When asked to describe his job, he yelled, “I’m a people person, damnit!”

Alessandra Sica


Alessandra is a designer, working with the team to create meaningful brands and visual systems. Her name is pronounced Al-le-sān-dra, not Al-le-sawn-dra. She is a graduate of the ASU Herberger Institute’s visual communication design program and recently spent a year living in New York, where she learned that seasons exist. She is currently obsessed with house plants and is working on covering her apartment with as much greenery as possible.

Gin Giurgiu


A native of Chicago’s south side and a part of a large Romanian family, Gin grew up working hard and developing a love for the windy city. He brought that work ethic to Phoenix and applied it to film and videography. He has a natural eye for catching the perfect shot, and doesn’t quit until he captures it just right.

Gin lives with his wife Gabby and loves to play guitar. He also has the coolest name ever, as far as we’re concerned.

Banner Thunderbird


Banner is a beagle. He can’t draw or write code, but damn if he isn’t good for office morale.

He enjoys chasing things, peeing on things, and sleeping.


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