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Kidstream offers a curated collection of kid-friendly, educational, and award-winning shows for children of all ages. But with the abundance of kids’ content on the internet, the brand was in need of refinement and a proper digital experience to stand tall in the market.

With all projects, we like to ensure that the existing brand is effective before we begin working on the digital experience. For Kidstream, that meant taking a look at the logo and accompanying brand assets first.

The existing logo was energetic, but chaotic. With unnecessary elements–such as an outdated television antennae–and an unclear delineation between words within the brand name, simplification was in order. We refined the logo by removing excess and strengthening what remained, helping the mark to feel intentional and complete. 

To give the “K” character room to shine, we took it out of the logo and developed a variety of emoji-style variations in which it could play. This created opportunity for more personality and motion throughout the web experience.

Through some fun yet subtle micro-interactions, we gave the online experience some motion and personality that parents and their children could interact with.

Outside of showcasing the visual brand, we wanted parents to effortlessly learn about Kidstream’s offerings, encourage them to instantly subscribe, and show that Kidstream stands up to other streaming giants in children’s entertainment.