A&A Manufacturing

Engineering an intelligent pool brand.

A&A is the second largest manufacturer of pool circulation and cleaning systems. Based in Arizona, they hold patents to industry-leading technology, allowing the engineering of automatically self-cleaning pools which promote health and environmentally friendly function.

A&A tasked Monomyth with completely rebuilding their brand. At the time, their messaging and visual identity were in disarray; each department creating different materials with no cohesive oversight.

This project brought two unique challenges. First, the brand needed to speak to both the end consumer (home owners) as well as the pool builders selling A&A’s systems, often within the same marketing materials. Second, there is a tendency within their target consumer audience to underestimate the benefits and capabilities of an automatic cleaning system.


First, a new visual identity was established. The previous identity, heavy and industrial, was replaced with a brighter, softer, and approachable mark.

The “A” icon was designed to embody the action of a pool cleaning head – the primary visible component of a cleaning system. The logo animation portrays an overhead view of the jet appearing from the pool floor and spraying a jet of clean water.

We also introduced a royal purple to their palette – an instant visual separator in a market saturated in blues.

The new website shifts the primary marketing focus from builders to homeowners, aiming to capitalize on web searches to drive potential sales leads.

Previously drowning in technical jargon, the site now warmly communicates the science behind these intelligent pool systems.

Bright photography, informative animations, and relatable content drive the message. 

For builders, we developed a new resource center, with easily accessible videos, detailed product information, and sales tools geared to their specific needs.

A key strategy in helping A&A generate consumer interest was to shift their message from data and technical prowess to relatable, personal benefits. Renewed effort in original video content brings the abstract concept of a self-maintaining pool to life.

We continue to assist A&A in implementing their new brand across all corners of their business – product catalogues and brochures, identity systems, packaging, sales tools, builder promotions, and more.