Goodnight Stay

Vacation rentals that feel like home.

There’s a regular vacation stay. And then there’s a GoodNight stay. 
Available in a handful of markets, GoodNight offers upscale vacation home rentals with world-class concierge services for groups, families, business travel, and couples seeking out private accommodations. Accessible. Friendly. Abundant in quality. These characteristics define GoodNight, and it’s what an interim brand needed to reflect to investors. 

Looking to raise capitol and garner interest from investors, the yet unnamed GoodNight was in need of a simple brand and pitch materials to stand out in a sea of other hospitality groups, and cue them up for growth. After getting roughly 600 proposals from online crowdsourcing services, they came to us. In need of more than just a logo, GoodNight needed a strategic solution; creating a striking enough identity to attract the right people, without doing a full brand exploration.

Wanting to evoke the sense of accessibility and quality that GoodNight offers, we proposed a name, brand colors, and typography that was friendly but refined. For the brand look, fresh mint green paired with a sophisticated charcoal reflects the balance of luxury and approachability.

With fundamental elements of a brand identity, GoodNight has now launched in new cities thanks to their growing list of available rental properties.