Phoenix Christian Preparatory

Rejuvenating a historic Phoenix educational institution.

Phoenix Christian Preparatory School is Arizona’s oldest private school, its origins dating back to 1949. In recent years, the school has endured an image setback. They enlisted Monomyth to develop a new visual identity and messaging platform to embody their vision for the future of the school and its students.

Our endeavors centered around restrengthening the core of the Phoenix Christian brand, whose language and imagery had become buried and forgotten over time. Taking those elements and reimagining them allowed us to honor the history of Phoenix Christian while positioning the school to engage a modern audience.

Moving away from an elaborate and cluttered crest, the new logo for Phoenix Christian is clean and simple, with easily decipherable elements and type. It quickly communicates the central point: faith-based education.

Where the primary academic logo is employed in every day use, a new crest is reserved for events of great importance, such as graduations, building dedications, and official letters from the school president.

Four icons were housed within the old logo; they represent the Four Pillars of Phoenix Christian. Working with illustrator Bob Case, we broke them out of their minuscule confinements and transformed them into centerpieces used around campus. Their meanings, previously known only to certain faculty, are now on display for all to see, daily reminders of the school’s mission and beliefs.

As an exciting addition to the project, we were given the opportunity to bring the athletic department into alignment with the new school brand. Time was of the essence as facility renovations were already underway, and the new identity had to be defined before painting the gym floor could commence.

Emphasis was placed on defining the cat as a cougar, with a stockier profile and distinctive white muzzle. Unified curves and added heft bring power and motion to a previously static mark.