Christ Church

Crafting a strong brand for a compelling commission.

Christ Church’s stated mission is, “We exist to glorify God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment.” Its leaders understand that in order to achieve that mission, the church must communicate clearly and with a recognizable presence. In other words, the organization needs a strong brand.

Christ Church came to Monomyth with four primary objectives. First, they wanted our designers to refine a logo that church staff had created. From there, they were eager to build a brand around the logo. As part of that process, they asked us to develop a unique voice and visual identity in order to unite the church’s multiple locations in the valley. Finally, church leaders wanted to create a renewed sense of excitement for the church’s mission.

In order to reflect both Christ Church’s respect for tradition and its place as a vibrant, modern institution, we crafted its brand on a foundation of historic church iconography. In particular, the logo icon, which includes the Greek letters Chi (X) and Rho (P) (the first two in the name of Christ), is now both symbolic and beautifully stylized. We also clearly defined the church’s voice to ensure consistency and clarity. This has created a sense of cohesion among its branches.

Following our collaboration, Christ Church now has a refreshing visual language to leverage as it emerges from difficult times and uncertainty. Its new lexicon provides tremendous depth through creative typography. The new brand also includes a diverse array of engaging visual layouts made highly functional through the use of limited base elements. And to empower staff to follow the new brand guidelines and communicate clearly and consistently with church members, we created a detailed document that explains the new visual elements, voice, and tone.

The most memorable brands use universal archetypes that people connect with on a deep level. The “Hero Citizen” personality we developed for Christ Church has proven to be a powerful representation of the organization and the important work it does in the community.