Core Construction

Construction with heart.

CORE Construction is a nationally renowned company with offices in eighteen US cities across eight states. The fourth largest school builder in the nation, they have been an integral force in rebuilding educational facilities in post-Katrina New Orleans.

After years of substantial growth, the need arose to shore up the foundations of their brand, in order to best equip their expanding client network and internal team. This initiative would span from messaging and employee education, to reworking entire project management systems. CORE’s success is grounded in their focus on trust – and they put their trust in Monomyth to help guide them through this process.

A key challenge was avoiding the disruption of CORE’s multi-million dollar daily project workflow, while performing a ground-up renovation of their main client interface.

Working hand-in-hand with their in-house data teams, Monomyth enabled the translation of data directly from their existing Microsoft-based systems into more user-friendly, navigable, and visually pleasing formats.

On messaging, greater clarity was given to CORE’s driving principles, which are the primary reason for their high customer retention and satisfaction. Looking forward, a revitalized careers section provides an increased focus on cultivating the next generation of CORE leaders.

The overall result was a site befitting CORE’s professional reputation, serving as an improved business development tool and client information center.

An even bigger task lay in renovating CORE’s internal project management network and client warranty system. Constantly updating data from numerous partners and clients nationwide, filtering through multiple databases, all needing to be represented in real time made this a unique problem to solve.

Monomyth established a series of new and helpful tools to keep both CORE and their partner teams updated on accurate project status, and to streamline their warranty and repairs process, leading to an increase in both efficiency and client satisfaction.

Monomyth also produced a variety of video content, including a documentary on CORE’s aid in rebuilding schools in New Orleans’ lower ninth ward, an employee safety and education series, and site-specific features highlighting notable construction projects.

To ensure that all of the efforts noted above were enacted in a cohesive visual manner, Monomyth reworked CORE’s brand standards, incorporating refinements to typography, iconography, color use, layouts, and identity systems.