Bold, polished, inventive.
We create premium brands with a business-driven approach.

A luxury brand dives deep into the soul with a bold and polished experience that states, “I’m worth it.” Luxury brands invent an alluring mystique, yet their success is founded on sound business strategies. It’s the head and heart of marketing to the affluent.

It’s what sets KODA + MONOMYTH apart.

The best team between two oceans.

We’re a collective of thinkers and creators to build brands with strategy and innovation. As two agencies working as one, you’ll always get the top talent for your projects.

Working with the KODA + Monomyth Collective gives you an A-team on your side, high-quality client engagement and pooled resources to ensure the right people are within you reach, at all times—typically hard to achieve with larger agencies. This is the future of brand partnerships, and we’re confident it will serve you well.

The transformation we have seen in our business has been nothing less than remarkable, thanks to our partnership with KODA + MONOMYTH.

Nick Ballantyne, NightRider Jewlery
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