May 2, 2017

Project Highlight: Properties by JADA

As a husband-wife-son operation, JADA renovates historic homes to create unique living spaces for people interested in Phoenix’s central corridor.

We developed a brand and web experience for JADA, creating a cohesive aesthetic that represents their style of renovation.

Because they restore historic homes in Phoenix, we needed to create a brand that has a historic appearance while still catering to a contemporary audience. Most of Phoenix’s historic districts hold homes built between 1915 and 1950. We created a brand that featured early mid-century traits. Their logo is built with shapes and geometric forms that show the letters of the brand name. The mark is contained and easily expanded to other applications.

Their color palette is strong and modern without being overtly masculine. The photography and colors blend the feminine aspects of the brand with the masculine, creating an aesthetic that is accessible for everyone.

The web experience is simple. They are a relatively straightforward company with a simple goal: creating homes they would want to live in. Their website is mimetic of this model. It is clean and straightforward, offering the information you need to know about them up front. Unlike many other companies in their industry, their web experience is not overtly elegant or hyper-modern. It is simple and content-forward.

We developed the site on Craft, which allows for a clean development process. It also provides an easy control system for JADA to access and adjust the content on their site in the future.

The photography is a critical piece of JADA’s web experience. Because what they do is so visual, their potential consumers want to see the homes they restore. The photography defines their aesthetic and the work they put into the homes they restore.