We are hero makers.

Monomyth is an independent brand, interactive, and film studio that transforms people and businesses of all sizes into marketplace champions.

About us.

Our studio is founded and led by Chip Allison and Mike Giles. With over 30 years of combined experience serving clients with meaningful design, their analytical approach offers impactful, effective, and lasting solutions.
  • Our work is goals driven, meaning we don’t push a particular style or template for success. Every project demands its own unique strategy and subsequent style to engage its respective audience.


  • We have a history of producing innovative designs; making work that is significant, relevant, and built to last. This is the result of mutual trust between us and our clients.


  • We commit to provide a fair value for premium brand positioning services. Our creed is this: You’re the hero; we’re the help.
While we always enjoy facing a new and exciting challenge,

We have our areas of expertise.

Through the years, we’ve honed our skills in several specific industries, coming to understand their unique needs and battles, as well as how to face them.

A process that get results.

We like to say that when you hire us, you’re hiring our minds, not our ability to work a design program. In other words, you’re guaranteed an informed, thoughful approach to your unique needs, carried out by a team of dedicated brand experts.

We look forward to working collaboratively to help you discover the depth and potential of your own brand story.

Begin your brand journey today.