January 14, 2015

Farm to Family Identity


At the end of 2014, Monomyth had the opportunity to work with the Dairy Council of Arizona, the public face of the Arizona dairy farming community. They were gearing up to launch their Farm to Family campaign, an initiative designed to teach and showcase Arizona dairy farms. The Dairy Council will offer tours of local farms to schools, families, journalists and anyone interested in learning how fresh Arizona milk gets from the farm to your kitchen table. The identity needed to be bright, engaging, and appealing to a wide audience, as well as speak to the product and it’s local origin.


With many of its applications still unknown, we needed to keep the identity simple to avoid production complications later on. We focused on creating a mark that would look equally engaging when stitched on a hat or printed on a milk bottle.

After initial research and sketching, our exploration lead us to a mark that was able to embody the Arizona, dairy, and family aspects in one simple icon.

We treated a simplified Arizona state shape as a container, holding a flowing abundance of fresh milk. The splash jumping upward forms a subtle heart, a nod to the care Arizona dairies put into providing only the best food for our families. The client was thrilled with the logo, its story, and its ease of application.


We’ll keep you posted as the logo rolls out this year!