December 13, 2013

CORE Intranet Project Highlight

CORE Construction, an innovative national company with roots in construction that date back to 1925, has built a reputation for solid, long-lasting, and quality work. The foundation to their success are the CORE principles of trust, mutual respect, and integrity.

CORE’s industry influence spans the nation with projects ranging from large, pro-sport stadiums to small, local libraries. By having locations in Nevada to Florida, CORE believes having a cohesive corporate culture is key. A reliable environment for sharing and receiving information is a crucial aspect in keeping CORE connected.

CORE approached Monomyth to create an intuitive user interface for their CORE Construction Hub that propels their brand forward, but also stays true to their current brand personality. The CCH acts as catalyst for useful daily information. One driving aspiration was to create a user-friendly space that employees would enjoy using as they go about their daily activities. Another key goal was organization pertinent data for CORE management related to projects in a way that makes their experience more enjoyable and their work more productive. We did this all through the use of bright, but minimal, color and simple interface layout.

CORE Construction IntranetCORE Construction intranet calendarCORE Construction Intranet project management

Operational Excellence is truly The CORE Standard. This represents a weekly management practice of reviewing each project through the lens of key CORE standards. Monomyth worked with CORE to subtly refresh this internal facing mark to better match their new brand direction.