Creative Thinking

An Interview with Bill Taggart (DADSOCKS)

“Taming this Wild Medium,” an Interview with DADSOCKS DadSocks is Tempe, AZ-based stencil artist Bill Taggart, whose work is highly influenced by street art, hip hop culture and social justice. A New Jersey native, Bill was first introduced to art during his boyhood travels across the Northeast and discovered stencil art more than a decade ago while watching some

One Thing You Learned About Branding in Psych 101

How much do you actually remember about that class you took freshman year? Maybe something about Freud. Maybe you remember how to draw a neuron (or not, we don’t). Recently, while we were listening to Carolina Rogoll talk about her book Star Brands in the Design Matters podcast with Debbie Milman, we were transported back

An Interview with Kelsey Dake

“Pushing Reset,” an Interview with Kelsey Dake Last week, we asked Kelsey Dake to come to our studio and chat with us about art, her process, and what it’s like being an illustrator in Phoenix. She brought an entire flat file of original drawings, some of which we’d never seen before. She’s always been a pleasure

An Interview with Jonni Cheatwood

“On Creating for a Living,” an Interview with Jonni Cheatwood Jonni Cheatwood Born in Thousand Oaks, California. 1986. The paintings that Jonni Cheatwood makes describe the broad visual ideas stemming from still life, abstraction and at times minimalism that are a direct reflection of, or in response to living and working in an electric city

Two Thoughts on Lists

1. Everyone is talking about the attention span of millennials. Millennials are talking about the attention span of millennials. Other millennials are tired of hearing those millennials talk about their attention spans. The listicle is the go-to example of our dwindling focus. Long-form essays and articles have solidified a place in our psyche as more

In Reluctant Praise of Emoji

Oxford English Dictionary’s word of 2015 was a surprise for some of us. Because it was this: ????. We even felt weird putting a period at the end of that sentence. Even though emoji are all over the place—Twitter, Instagram, in almost all text conversations we have—it has never occurred to us to define it

Star Wars, the Monomyth, and Why Some Things Never Change

The Monomyth, as a literary term, is a theory developed by mythologist Joseph Campbell in his book, The Hero With a Thousand Faces. Basically, he realized that all these stories from different mythologies around the world (The Odyssey, The Kojiki, The Poetic Edda, Arthurian Legends, among others) are all grounded in the same plot structure. This