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New Monsters Available!


Good news, everyone! We recently released some updates to the Monster Scout app. Not only is the app now FREE, but you can download 10 brand-new monsters to discover, including Black Widow, Witch, Ms. Zombie, Robot, Bigfoot, Scarecrow, Yeti, Frankie, Mrs. Frankie, and Banshee.

Download the Monster Scout app for free and start hunting today!

Monster Scout Update


Hey everyone! If you’ve been following us on Twitter and Instagram, you know we’re getting very close to the launch of our Monster Scout app. But in the meantime, here’s some more iPhone 5 wallpapers featuring Monster Scout’s creepy critters!

And if you haven’t yet, visit to sign up to be notified when the app launches.

Download Alien
Download Bogeyman
Download Franky
Download Mummy
Download Werewolf


Monster Scout App


It’s been difficult holding our tongues on this one! For a few months now, Monomyth has been creating our first personal project app – Monster Scout!

Monster Scout is a simple and fun game designed to calm your child’s bedtime worries. It quickly scans an area to determine if creatures are hiding under beds or in closets. And if monsters are found, Monster Scout removes them! Help your kids conquer their fears, allowing them (and you) a peaceful night’s sleep.

We’ll be posting bits and pieces on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts as the weeks roll by, so stay tuned.

Visit and sign up to be notified when the app launches this fall!



In the meantime, here are some free iPhone 5 wallpapers featuring a few of our monster characters… enjoy!

Download Big Red
Download Swampy
Download Vampire
Download Ghost
Download Zombie



Monomyth was recently contacted by our friends at Splicity, a soon-to-be-launched video app which allows you to create 15-second stories. It has great collaborative features, where users can combine their individual videos into one shared film.

As they were preparing to launch, Splicity approached Monomyth to craft an original typographic mark as a foundation for their branding. Below, you can catch a glimpse of our process and some of the details involved. We encourage you to keep a watch on the app store and check out Splicity for yourself.