March 24, 2016

Call Me Loré Project Highlight

Call Me Lore header

Call Me Loré is Lorena García’s personal fashion and lifestyle blog. As a side project to the Bloguettes, Lorena asked Monomyth to develop an identity and responsive web experience that would allow her to share her passions on a more personal level.

We created an identity that is simple, casual, and intimate. The typography was also intended to set Call Me Loré apart from other fashion blogs that traditionally use a slab serif. Followers of Call Me Loré should feel a sense of light, simple sophistication.

Call Me Lore imac

As this is a personal fashion blog, the color palette is based on the more predominant tones of Lorena’s wardrobe – whites, light neutrals, and subtle blues. Too keep it from appearing too stark, we used a dark brown instead of black for all the copy and navigation.

Call Me Lore iPhone

Call Me Loré is a heavily responsive web experience, allowing her readership to fully access the blog from wherever they are. This was an important point for Lorena, as she encourages her readers to experience fashion and culture outside the confines of the computer screen. 

Call Me Lore iPad

To experience more of Lorena’s personal adventures, follow along on Call Me Loré and Instagram.

Call Me Lore Instagram