London Points Guide

Every year, Monomyth works with Paramount Pool and Spa to brand their annual sales incentive trip, Passport to Paradise. Each excursion is unique, and is treated as a stand-alone branding exercise independent of Paramount’s main identity.

The yearly intent is to create a exclusive destination vibe in order to generate excitement, and to focus on rewarding their customers with an immersive experience. For 2016, Paramount chose to take their team across the pond to London, England.

As Paramount’s trip promotions have historically focused on traditional location and lifestyle imagery, we sought to break the mold, and introduced a direction based on stylized illustrations. These geometric-focused illustrations were implemented throughout print, web and email promotions.

The primary vehicle for promoting Passport to Paradise is an extensive brochure. With this trip, Monomyth wanted to appeal to the modern glamor of London. To do so, we kept our designs simple, with clean and bold color contrasts, and distinctive production touches.

We selected a pearlescent paper for the brochure cover, and bound it with exposed red stitch stitching. The brochures were wrapped and shipped in a custom envelope, which featured London illustrations inside and out, and was sealed with a branded sticker.

Each Passport to Paradise trip also requires a dedicated website where Paramount’s team and worldwide builders can check point earnings, scheduling, and get further location details.

“We’re extremely proud of our London promotion. Monomyth manages to keep it fresh year after year.”
Bill Burt, Sales and Marketing Director