CORE Construction

CORE Construction, an innovative, national company with roots in the construction business that date back to 1937, has a reputation for solid, long-lasting, quality work. CORE’s brand is founded in their principles of trust, integrity, and mutual respect. As the second-largest school builder in the nation, they consider themselves a local builder with national resources. They believe in the value of continuous improvement, which brought them to the need for a new web experience.

CORE came to Monomyth with the hope to create a new website that would modernize their current web presence, highlighting their values and their culture. This website is used to showcase their work to potential clients, as a sales and informational tool for their internal staff, and to interest future hires in working at CORE. These audiences define and focus the navigation of the site.

An immersive experience is one that makes the user forget that they are looking at a website. That was our goal with the CORE web project: to foster an experience, a rare step within the construction industry. We developed diverse and captivating content that showcases their focus on operational excellence. The heavy use of video exhibits their message in an informative and entertaining way: it cuts through the dry, logistical side of the construction industry and invites people to engage with what’s important to CORE.

A cornerstone of the site’s effectiveness is its implementation of modern visual elements, such as custom web type, large images, and rich media.We extended their color palette, and broadened their use of custom photography to introduce much-needed color and energy, something their previous site sorely lacked. As a result, the new site is far more effective in conveying the vibrant personality of CORE and their people.

The website is touch-friendly. Large elements make for an immersive experience on any device you are using to engage with the site. Specifically, CORE often uses the website as an internal tool. The staff frequently accesses the website using tablets and other touch-screen devices, so it was important for it not only to be completely responsive, but for it to be aesthetically seamless in all screen-size variations. Continually, the touch-friendly nature of the site is conducive to video as a major communication platform.

On a development note, having a video-centric site creates a unique challenge in terms of loading speed. Despite the heavy video content, the site is optimized to run as smooth and quickly as possible, keeping the video at a high quality while allowing it to be accessible for all bandwidths.

This seemingly simple site uses very complex development technology. For example, the projects section seamlessly highlights CORE’s projects and is always being updated. In an effort to keep CORE from having to update this section every time they complete a new project (which is often), we had to develop a new way to integrate content into the site. To solve this, we developed original code that pulls the information from two different internal systems within CORE to populate individual project pages with content, without ever needing to manually load it. And the system automatically checks for new information twice an hour. This was not a simple task, but was vital for the client to save time, and gave new efficiency to their current internal systems.

A majority of the buildings CORE makes have great stories, but the truth is that it’s hard to get people excited about the construction of a building without a reason to be engaged. We were asked to create video for several key projects, using our team to capture the process and tell the stories behind these buildings. For example, one of the films created tells the story of CORE’s Louisiana office, and the impressive strides the company made towards rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

We needed to tell their story without it being overly sympathetic, and create a sense of empowerment and positivity in the content. We shot the video locally, using a quadcopter to capture arial shots of the city, buildings, and the environment.

Each of these videos is created to capture the personality of CORE while functioning as informative and engaging presentations of their projects.

View A Sampling of Films Here:

New Orleans

Douglas County

CORE Culture