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Caffio Espresso Bar: Project Highlight


Caffio Espresso Bar is a mobile coffee shop serving delicious drinks out of a historic VespaCar. We were asked to create an identity for the business, inspired both by a love for coffee and the history of Italian scooter culture. The VespaCar is also known as a Piaggio Apé, Apé meaning bee in Italian.


The logo, in turn, is a bee with an espresso cup as a body. It is a simple one-color application that makes it ideal for stamping on cups, sleeves, napkins, and other ephemera of the coffee industry. You can find Caffio buzzing around farmers markets, art festivals, and other local events.



Huddle: Project Highlight


Huddle is a new approach to the peer-to-peer advising group. An in-progress project, Huddle is taking a more conversational and interdependent approach to an old model of business advisement. We designed an identity for them that is bold and bright, encapsulating this modern and creative focus.


The icon, two talking bubbles, represents the conversational nature of Huddle, that it is a place for “real talk.” Also, it hides an H in its negative space.


This is just the beginning of our work with Huddle—more soon!

Call Me Loré Project Highlight

Call Me Lore header

Call Me Loré is Lorena García’s personal fashion and lifestyle blog. As a side project to the Bloguettes, Lorena asked Monomyth to develop an identity and responsive web experience that would allow her to share her passions on a more personal level.

We created an identity that is simple, casual, and intimate. The typography was also intended to set Call Me Loré apart from other fashion blogs that traditionally use a slab serif. Followers of Call Me Loré should feel a sense of light, simple sophistication.

Call Me Lore imac

As this is a personal fashion blog, the color palette is based on the more predominant tones of Lorena’s wardrobe – whites, light neutrals, and subtle blues. Too keep it from appearing too stark, we used a dark brown instead of black for all the copy and navigation.

Call Me Lore iPhone

Call Me Loré is a heavily responsive web experience, allowing her readership to fully access the blog from wherever they are. This was an important point for Lorena, as she encourages her readers to experience fashion and culture outside the confines of the computer screen. 

Call Me Lore iPad

To experience more of Lorena’s personal adventures, follow along on Call Me Loré and Instagram.

Call Me Lore Instagram

Marana Center Project Highlight

Marana Center logo

Marana Center is a factory outlet shopping center Northwest of Tucson, Arizona. Our client, Vintage Partners, developed the property as a lifestyle center, a place for the people in the communities north of Tucson to shop and explore, outside of the confines of a traditional indoor mall.

We were asked to create an identity and web experience for the shopping center. We developed an identity that pays homage to the desert landscape and the nearby Tohono O’odham tribe. 

Marana Center color palette

We referenced basket weaving patterns and textures in the brand’s logo and related imagery, using the M’s as the hidden but foundational structure. We also created a simplified version of the logo to imprint into the concrete in the plaza.

The color palette alludes to a modern Southwest. It coincides with the desert landscape without blending in or getting lost.

Marana Center web experience

The web experience functions as a landing page, focusing on new releases for people to keep up with the development of the center. It is a site that can be expanded upon easily, a temporary introduction to Marana Center while it is under construction, with room to grow. 

 Marana Center brand inspiration

CORE Intranet Project Highlight

CORE Construction, an innovative national company with roots in construction that date back to 1925, has built a reputation for solid, long-lasting, and quality work. The foundation to their success are the CORE principles of trust, mutual respect, and integrity.

CORE’s industry influence spans the nation with projects ranging from large, pro-sport stadiums to small, local libraries. By having locations in Nevada to Florida, CORE believes having a cohesive corporate culture is key. A reliable environment for sharing and receiving information is a crucial aspect in keeping CORE connected.

CORE approached Monomyth to create an intuitive user interface for their CORE Construction Hub that propels their brand forward, but also stays true to their current brand personality. The CCH acts as catalyst for useful daily information. One driving aspiration was to create a user-friendly space that employees would enjoy using as they go about their daily activities. Another key goal was organization pertinent data for CORE management related to projects in a way that makes their experience more enjoyable and their work more productive. We did this all through the use of bright, but minimal, color and simple interface layout.

CORE Construction IntranetCORE Construction intranet calendarCORE Construction Intranet project management

Operational Excellence is truly The CORE Standard. This represents a weekly management practice of reviewing each project through the lens of key CORE standards. Monomyth worked with CORE to subtly refresh this internal facing mark to better match their new brand direction.